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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 16, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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james? >> not too badly. at 91 years young george herbert walker bush is our oldest living president but also maybe the most durable. he fell at home breaking a bone in his neck. his condition is stable and he is fine but he will be in a neck brace. we don't expect a long stay at portland, maine's medical center. mr. bush has been hospitalized for a total of two months over the last two years. there's new debate over the one term bush 41 administration. "the quiet man: theindispensable presidency" was just published. >> he passed the five year budget act which he took a lot of pain for but created the
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surpluses in the economy in the early 90's. >> hw as the bush family is referred to as a form of parkinson's disease which forces him to use a motorized scooter. it was a year ago his seemingly indestructible figure celebrated his 90th birthday by skydiving. that's not something i have ever done. >> bert than any of us. james rosen live for us. >> not a dry eye in the house he stole the show at the espy awards. the football star delivering an emotional speech about his daughter's journey in cancer and how his faith in god helped him through that ordeal. jackie ibanez is here with the moment everyone is talking about. >> it was the night to celebrate the best athletes in the world but all they are talking about is one brave sweet little girl. taking a turn when cincinnati bangles defensive tackle devon
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still took the perseverance award on behalf of his daughter aliyah talking about her difficult journey with cancer and how god helped him work through it. >> when my daughter was first diagnosed with cancer i thought i was in a nightmare. i remember the first week in the hospital i would sneak out the room and go down to the chapel and i would just cry. i would just ask god why did he give my daughter this fight. i would beg him to give me the fight with death rather than my daughter. the way i looked at it was, i was blessed with the ability to play football and by the age of 26 i was able to experience things people don't in their entire life and at the age of 4 my daughter hadn't even began to understand what life was all about. >> we are so happy to report lia has been cancer free since march. even though she is getting better he vowed he isn't done fighting the disease. >> on tv i look like the hero. i look like i am saving the day.
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but honestly ya'll are the real heros. what i do is easy i stand in front of people i tell them ya'll's stories but you are the ones battling cancer and going through rounds and rounds of chemo every day. ya'll remain with a smile on ya'll's faces and you never give up. you helped me through my battle. as long as i have this platform i am going to continue to fight for ya'll and let you know just how important ya'll's lives are. >> leah was not at the awards show but she sent a video message to say thank you to all of her fans. >> i couldn't be there everybody but thank you for supporting me while i go through cancer. >> honored last night was katelyn jenner given the arthur ashe courage award. and loren hill's pair -- lauryn hill's parents were there. she lost her battle with cancer.
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>> jackie ibanez thank you. >> his teammates taking to twitter to show their supp writing hashtag leah strong. major shout out to still and princess lia proud to call him a teammate and brother. franchises like the washington redskins showing their support writing #we are leah strong. what did you think of still's speech. let us know on facebook and twitter. >> extreme weather taking a deadly tole on thel on the mid westmidwest. four people are dead. five more people remain missing. the maria molina is here tracking the latest for us. good morning maria. >> good morning heather and ainsley. we will be tracking more severe
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weather through out the day today and also the potential for additional flash floods. this is all because of a storm system on the move. it is bringing in heavy rain across parts of the plains and midwest. we are expecting more later on today. especially across parts of illinois, iowa and northeastern parts of missouri. that's where we are looking at the greater risk large hail and damaging winds and localized flash flooding. for fom more storm system will be targeting parts of the northern plains out there. watch out torefor more severe storms. extreme heat index values of 100 to 110 degrees out here. a number of advisories in effect. 109 is what it will feel like in the city of memphis come this afternoon. further west not bad across the rockies. on the toasty side denver high of 89 degrees. heather and ainsley let's head
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over to you. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> violence in athens greece as they pass harsh awes terity -- osterity measures. >> violent protestors as you can see hurling molotov cocktails at riot police guarding parliament. arrests were made as tear gas dispersed the crowds. state lawmakers overwhelmingly passing reforms required for a new bailout worth about $93 million. the massive manhunt for one of the world's most dangerous criminals is heating up. mex an aut core-- mexican authorities distributing 1,000 photographs to the highway tollbooths across the country. 10,000 agents remain on high alert. here in the u.s. the dea fears
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what the powerful criminal is capable of doing. >> he is the master of tunnels. we have had a number of tunnels moving drugs across the mexican border. when i went to chicago i was astounded at the amount of heroin that he was putting on the streets. wither going to do everything we can to help them get this guy back in jail. i think right now he's looking over his shoulder. >> right now mexico has a $3.8 million bounty on el chapo's head. >> president obama lashing out at cbs news reporter major garrett for pressing him on why four americans held hostage in iran were not part of the negotiations. >> you tell the country, sir, why are you content with all of the fan fair around this deal to leave the conscience of this nation, the strength of this nation unaccounted for in relation to these four
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americans. >> i have to give you credit major for how you craft those questions. the notion that i am content as i celebrate with american citizen languishing in iranian jails, jails? major that's nonsense. you should know better. >> president obama says the teams are working to free them. they will use american prisoners as leverage in the future. time now for a look at who is talking. republican congressman adam ken singer slamming the president about how he handled those in iran. >> it was one of the most classless press conferences i have seen. he was angry. he compared assad to politicians the brutal dictator in the middle east. he said republicans are trying to make an issue of it here.
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if you don't like my deals you are in favor of world war 3. i thought major garrett had a great question why weren't they not included in the negotiation especially when you caved on every one of the issues. the president off was offended because maybe he's sensitive about it. we know donald trump was a rich man. now we know how wealthy he is. he is worth $10 billion. he filed financial disclosure forms something candidates have to do. despite being dumped by nbc the reality show earned millions. they are looking over the financial forms before they release them to the public. hillary clinton now revealing she is pulled in $47 million in her campaign money. the democratic frontrunner says
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more than 250,000 people have de nated so far with an average donation of $145. the time now is 9 minutes, almost 10 minutes after the top of the hour. the son of a boston police captain accused of plotting to attack america praising isis. >> fbi interview taking us inside the mind of an accused terrorist. >> how an off duty firefighter former marine stonedpped this would be robber in his tracks. we continue in just a moment. >> we have a new twist in at no time johnny depp dog drama down under. who is now facing charges. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple?
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. the son of a boston could be praising isis and atrocities. >> wfxt ted daniels had a the story. >> people met you. >> his face is obscure but allegiance is clear. in a taped interview with the fbi he is glowing in the the support for islamic state. he speaks of sharia law as he denounces the u.s. >> they kill enemies. >> we asked richard landis to examine the recording. >> chico
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> hewhen i said they kill little kids he said well they don't do it often. >> his allegiance to isis is like that of brain washed into a cult. family court documents we pulled from bitter custody battle reveal a troubled life. he and his wife divorced when alex was six years old. from 2003 to 2005 alex was suspended at least three times from school. he faced an expulsion hearing for striking a teacher and classmate with a pair of drum sticks. months later police arrested him after alex threatened to kill another stup dent with a butterfly knife. ted daniel fox 25 news. dozens of people behind bars after a major drug bust. a drug smuggling bust at the airport. cocaine heroin and methready to be distributed through our
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country. they are accused of trying to use their jobs at the airport to bypass security and transport narcotics. they each face up to 20-years in prison and a 500,000 dollar fine. >> hot, thirsty and furious. they were put through nightmare delays two years in a row. they were set to take off monday after an hour on the tarmac in a hot plane with no aer or water. the flight was canceled because of mechanical issues. it was reis heedscheduled for the next day but the same thing happened. the flight arrived in pittsburgh. they were given a $100 voucher and an $8 dinner voucher. >> best buy customers storming the web site after a major glitch offered a deal that was too good to be true. fox business is here to explain. >> if you were lucky enough to score a $200 best buy gift card
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for 200 bucks. your luck has run the course. the glitch caused a pricing error and best buy is not legally bound to honor the mistake. $185 in free money is no more. if you placed an order using the gift card that will be canceled. aluminum body f150 pickup truck for 10,000 dollars. it has to drum up demand. the vehicle has been a best seller for more than 3 decades because ford is having trouble building enough of them and doesn't expect to have full supply until fall. f series sales down almost 9 percent last month. market shares flipping to 28 percent. and ireland's ryanair. that's the discount carrier known for nickel and diming its passengers is trying to fix its image by putting yours on the plane. they want you to enter a contest to put your face and your name on one of its airplanes. 30 mugs will be chosen head to
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the facebook page to submit your entry by august 31st. back to you. >> the time is 17 after the hour. little brother to the rescue. a 13-year-old faced his sister with a kidnaper. what they are saying about the terrifying ordeal. >> who does ryan seacrest miss the most from idol. >> if you could have one celebrity knock on your door who would it be? >> simon cowell. i miss simon. >> absolutely horrendous. >> we have more from sea crest and his new gig.
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seacrest. >> we are back now with a fox news alert. four would be extremists ages 16 to 23 arrested at four different locations around the country. one suspect a former member of the french navy. the group's leader has ties to jailed jihadists and they were planning to film the decapitation of a senior military member. taken down within seconds. look at this video. an off duty firefighter hailed as a hero after stopping an armed robber at a texas store. a former marine was standing at the counter at the gas station when the masked man walks in shoving past him. in his hands a large hunting knife. >> i am going to maintain control of the weapon. if i miss the weapon i am going to be so close to his back he won't be able to maneuver his arm around to wound me. >> he held down 19-year-old
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suspect dillon beardon until police could arrive. don't miss gaskey live on "fox & friends." he will be here at 6:20. >> if you had a past to pass by our building in mid town manhattan you were able to see ryan seacrest was kicking off his new show by inviting fans on his doorstep and handing out prizes. a new show what is all of this about? >> american idol may be closing the curtain after one more season, heather. long time host ryan seacrest is opening up about a new door. see >> knock on the door. let's see what you have got. >> knock on the door. >> hardest working guy in show
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business now you are taking it to a whole new level. >> after a 15 year run as the host of american idol he's going from the stage to the the street with the fox show knock knock live. >> this show is fun. it is a live show that makes people happy. >> how are you doing? good to see you. >> he goes door to door sur rising ordinary people with-- surprising ordinary americans with challenges. >> we knock on their doors and surprise them. >> does it make you nervous having it totally live? >> i like it live. it is an expectation. >> ryan isn't the only famous face on the blook. kelly pickler, georgia lime david beckham joined in on the fun. >> we found a straight story that connected with him. he will show up at a very
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deserving home. he will give them 100,000 dollars to change their life. >> if you had one celebrity to knock on your door who would it be? >> simon cowell. i miss cowl.simon. >> what is the worst job you have had? >> my first job was selling christmas trees. i had to tie the christmas tree on the roof of cars not necessarily what you would expect me to be able to pull off. >> i could use 50 more seasons of idol. that would be nice. >> maybe a 25th hour in the day. i would take that. >> more time to work a little bit harder. knock knock live premiers tuesdays 9:00 p.m. on fox. as always log on to in the fox or follow me on twitter or instagram. >> all of your celebrity
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interviews. can you image if ryan seacrest sold you a christmas tree? >> somebody has that picture. >> the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. the world's most dangerous man on the run. geraldo rivera retraces el chapo's greatest scape. why someone high up in the food chain had to help. if you are going to do something bad make sure you are not on camera. a mom turning her own son in after seeing this video. first on this day in 1969 apollo 2 blasted off from cape kennedy, florida. in 1973 the president nixon secretly videoed conversations about watergate scandal. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> this is a fox news alert.
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george h. w. rushed to the hospital after a fall at his home in maine. a live update on his condition. >> the espy show still bringing the audience to tears. >> i felt like i was living in a nightmare. the first week in the hospital i would sneak out of the room and go down to the chapel and i would just cry. >> more on the unbreakable bond between a father and young daughter fighting cancer. >> deal of the century? $0.04 off really? the big bar gone day a big bust for some and shoppers are sounding off. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> you save 4 pennies. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us as always. it is half past the top of the hour. let's get right to the fox news
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alert. overnight president george h.w. bush rushed to the hospital after falling and breaking a bone in his neck. >> fox news chief washington correspondent chiefis there. >> on twitter late last night it sounded like this from george herbert washington spokesman and i quote, 41 fell at home in maine today and broke a bone in his neck. his condition is stable. he is fine but will be in a neck brace. over the last two years the 41st president the nation's oldest living president has been hospitalized twice in houston once for a stretch of almost two months. this comes as a former aid advances a new argument on behalf of mr. bush's single term presidency after the cold war. "the quiet man: the indispensable presidency of
2:32 am
george h.w. bush" was written. >> he helped create as he called it a europe prean hold with all of the eastern european countries. liberating kuwait when sadam hussein made it. >> the oldest former president was the man who appointed h. w. bush as cia director gerald r. ford who died in 93 back -- at 93 in 2006. >> i am privileged to say i met both of them. >> did you jump out of a plane with him? >> stay tuned for that. >> thank you so much james. appreciate you joining us as always. >> it was a night to celebrate the best athletes in the world. it was a little girl and her devoted dad who wound up stealing the show. jackie ibanez is here with the emotional speech about his daughter asbat el with cancer. >> a father's devotion to his
2:33 am
daughter reducing grown men to tears at the espy awards. a lot of us here as well. cincinnati bengals defensive tackle accepted the perseverance award on behalf of his 5-year-old daughter leah. he spoke openly about his child's difficult journey with cancer and the power of prayer. listen in. >> i remember one night in the hospital when i was sitting next to her in her bed getting ready to go to sleep. out of nowhere she started touching her stomach and putting something on mine. i asked her, leah what are you doing? dad, i am taking the cancer out of me and i am giving it to you. when she said that my heart dropped i broke down in tears, but it wasn't tears of sadness it was tears of joy because i thought that was a sign from god that he was answering all my prayers. >> i can only image as a parent devon keeping his faith alive
2:34 am
for the month of his daughter's intent treatment. his commitment to god and unwavering support of his fiancee helped him stay strong for lia. >> my fiancee and i every night would drop to our knees and pray that i wouldn't lose my daughter and when i got home she would make up-- he would make up for the time i lost. he answered my prayers. he put her through remission. i am going to give you the wedding that you dream of. i got you. >> what a daddy. leah has been cancer free we are happy to tell you since march. she was not at the awards show. she is still working to strengthen her immune system. she sent a video message to say thank you to all of her fans. >> sorry i can't be here everybody. thank you for supporting me while i deal with cancer.
2:35 am
>> also honored was caitlyn jenner given the arthur ash courage award and lauryn hill's parents accepted the best moment award on her behalf. she lost her battle to cancer in april. >> leah hands down the best part of that night. >> incredibly moving personal speech. she said it was heart wrenching. worst nightmare to any parent to see their little one suffer and not have the ability to fix her. >> #lia strongee leah strong. >> william writes that was inspiring. gave me goose bumps. god bless his daughter. turning now to extreme weather taking a deadly toll in the midwest. raging waters ripping 150 homes apart in den ken. flooding roads up-- in kentucky.
2:36 am
five people remain missing. four people killed of the following midwest flooding. rain caused by a nearby river overflowing. >> maria? >> hello everybody. we are tracking storms already early this morning that is producing issues across parts of iowa and also in missouri. in northwest missouri we have already received reports of up to 8 inches of rainfall from the storms. really coming down out here. it will be a tough morning commute for those of you heading out to work. later on this afternoon and evening we are expected to see more storms firing up across parts of the plains and into the midwest. some of the storms would becould be pro -- or severe weather. across parts of florida, georgia and extreme southern parts of alabama we have a threat for marginal severe storms and for some the tomorrow the severe threats continue as another disturbance
2:37 am
will be swinging through. as we head into parts of the south the big story is the extreme heat. the heat index values forecast to climb up to 110 degrees. heat advisory warnings. here's a look at the values forecast for later today. it will feel like 109 in fem miss memphis. 104 in little rock. 1054 jackson. colorado temperatures climbing into the upper 80's in places like denver. let's head over to you heather and ainsley. >> the man accused of gunning down 9 people in a church massacre set to face a judge. dylan roof-- dill lanylan roof will face a judge. they will look at documents and whether they will be released to the media. that hearing set or 10:00 a.m.
2:38 am
eastern. >> it was a stunning admission from the homeland security secretary. >> has the administration reached out to the steinle family to your knowledge? >> to who? i am sorry i don't know the answer to that question. >> putting oh out the flames saying they contacted kate steinle's family one week after she was murdered. she was shot by an illegal immigrant even though he had been deported five times. the massive multi national manhunt for one of the world's most dangerous criminals is heating up. mexican authorities distributing 100,000 photographs of drug wardlord el chapo guzman. geraldo rivera went inside the tunnel used to escape. after seeing the complexity of the project he says el chapo is
2:39 am
a model of what is wrong with mexico and their government. >> the president lost all credibility in losing his number one prisoner, el chapo. now this country has to pick up the pieces and find out how this guy managed that because he could not have done it sean without help pretty high up the food chain. >> don't miss geraldo live in mexico coming up on "fox & friends" at 8:00 a.m. >> oo how will the presidential contenders handle that agreement. jeb bush and donald trump weighing in. >> it will be the deal the president aspired to when he started negotiations six years ago and that would be prohibiting iran from having the capability of building a weapon. and continuing to de stabilize the region. >> i would have doubled and tripled the sanctions easily. i would have waited for them to
2:40 am
call us. i would have said we want the president by the way before we start. kerry said he didn't want to complicate the negotiations by asking for four prisoners. these guys are babies. as you know they are celebrating in the streets of iran. they are going wild. they made a phenomenal deal. it is just incredible. this is amateur night. i have never seen anything like it. >> bush and trump are fighting for the top spot among the gop candidates. trump taking the lead in the latest polls. >> goes dark. federal investigators suit shutting down a market crime data base selling malicious software and other products to take personal information. the dark code had up to 300 active members and is responsible for hundreds and millions of financial losses. for the second time phony applications with fake
2:41 am
identities were able to get coverage and tax payer subsidies. they used fake documents to test the systems and it failed. this year the system renewed the phony applications. some with higher subsidies. the finance committee is holding a meet to go try to get to the bottom of it. >> pluto has a money tan range the size of the rockies. that's what we have learned about the dwarf planet. this picture shows the piece reach peaks reaching as high as 11,000 feet. pluto's biggest monday had it has a huge 6 mile deep canyon in the upper right-hand side. >> amazing we can have that technology to do that. >> when we were growing up pluto was a planet. >> we are getting old. not anyf+fç longer. the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. cleanup in aisle 6 right in the
2:42 am
grocery store. what will set off the epic food fight. >> no help for our heros the government trying to fix the va. you will never forget who is getting in their way. >> remember this story? >> the cutest yorkys ever. >> johnny depp is told to get his little dogs out of the country or the york keysys could face death. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank? well - you do. because the courage is already inside.
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit >> parents are fighting back after unions try to block key reforms to the va. this as a house panel with new rules for firing va workers. peter doocy is live with what this means for the agency. good morning, peter. >> good morning, ainsley. congress is trying to make it easier for veterans affairs department to fire people who aren't taking proper care of
2:46 am
vets in need. some of the lower level workers responsible for lackluster care and long wait time are still on the job while wiles blowers -- while whistleblowers are kicked to the curb. they aim to fix that. oo hasn't they can't budget right they can't allocate scholars right i. there are rotten people who work in the department that need to be fired. not protected. the veterans deserve better. are you going to stand with the veterans or the bureaucrats? >> the va accountability act is now through committee. 14 republicans voted for it 10 democrats voted against it. one of the democratic lawmakers accusing the gop of having a thin agenda saying quote this is a right to work debate we have going on here. let's not kid ourselves. that was the democrat from
2:47 am
minnesota, tim walz. >> if you are scratching your head wondering what the va is spending their money on there is this. three parking complexes at a new denver facility with a $180 million bill just for the park. ainsley? peter doocy live for us this morning. thank you peter. >> well amazon prime day mega sale was billed to be even bigger than black friday. we talked about that yesterday. the site's lightning deals weren't that electric. our sister network fox business is here with what shoppers are saying. this is your first time on the show. we love having you. >> good morning, ladies. good to see you. so amazon prime day getting punished on social media. people mocking the sale items and sometimes lame discounts. the over hyped one day sale was available for those who pay $99 a year for amazon prime service.
2:48 am
it was to celebrate their birthday but instead they got ridicule. seems amazon prime day is a huge garage sale. they are only selling junk and weird items. amazon prime day is a total joke. they should have called it flee market day. four thumbs down. some of the deals were down right odd. the extra as long shoe horn. the airplane belt expender. beard growther it was 32 percent off gone at midday. calculator from avalon 5.75. all of the available deals were claimed. sony play station 4 console was a whopping $0.04 off. amazon said yesterday afternoon about 14 hours after the prime day sales launched the peak order rates how fast customers order once they are on the site topped black friday. i was jealous that 42 piece
2:49 am
tupperware like set 14.99 sold out before i could buy it yesterday morning. ladies? >> i can't believe i missed the extra long shoe horn. >> you can still find it out there if you are really really in need. >> dagen, such energy. we love her. >> little brother to the rescue. how a 13-year-old manager could save his sister from a kidnaper just in the nick of time. >> good news if you hate yard work. the state that wants to limit the size of your lawn. >> ifdo you have a big lawn? >> i have an acre. if people don't want a big lawn move to the city. it's that easy. regulation nation. coming up on "fox & friends." about 10 minutes from right now geraldo is live in mexico with a sefrp for el chapo continues. where is that guy? former governor of texas and
2:50 am
2016 presidential hopeful rick perry is here. we will be cooking with friends. our buddy juan williams is dropping by with his wife. they have a lovely crab dish that has become a mother's day tradition. the free bee dish. and the ultimate free guide. how to get free workouts free groceries, how about free dental work? how do you do that? you'll know by watching the next hour. fx fgs begins in nine minutes. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm.
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welcome back. in a matter of seconds, she was nearly kidnapped by a man in a white van, one little girl's little brother saving her life after he pulled her by her
2:54 am
ankles to set her free. >> she was already halfway in the van. i grabbed her legs. i grabbed her leggings and keep pulling as hard as i could. >> so great. the siblings were walking in an alley in the chicago neighborhood when it nearly happened. the van was dented. the suspect is on the loose. the drama, his wife now facing charges and possible jail time for smuggling the couple's two yorkies in as you trayustralia. that all stems from the may incident when the dogs were there illegally on johnny depp's jet. the country has extreme quarantines, apparently. well in other news actor tom selleck's water fight is
2:55 am
apparently over. a southern california water district accepting his offer of more than $21,000 to settle a lawsuit. selleck is accused of taking water for his 60-acre ranch out of his district. this comes as the state is now curbing lawn sizes for houses in hopes to saving water. if you're going to do something bad. make sure you're not on camera. a mom turning on her own son after seeing this. and clean up in aisle six. look at this in the deli. what set that off.
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when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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58 after the top of the hour. former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in stable condition after falling and breaking a bone in his neck. suspected killer dylann roof expected of facing charges. and the escape for a drug kingpin, el chapo guzman. meet the newest addition to the "fox & friends" that is says bella maria and her mom jamie who handles our auto. she weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces. and a utah mom turning into her son after seeing surveillance video breaking into a middle school. and a brawl breaks out after
3:00 am
a man fights with a pregnant woman over a parking spot. her husband going toe to toe with the guy. what was your favorite moment at the awards. logon. jamie we love you, congratulations. and "fox & friends" starts right now, bye. hell lorgsohello, friends. i'm anna cornyn in for elisabeth hasselbeck. former president george h.w. bush rushed to the hospital after falling and breaking a bone in his neck. the breaking details just moments away. and did you see what happened yesterday afternoon when president obama was asked about the four americans held in iran? >> that's nonsense. and you should know better. >> well, nothing like scalding one of the white house guys. so was major garrett's question offbase? we will


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